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Ancestry Universe



This story is a tale of how a group of spear-carrying village hunters go seek to reclaim at least a part of the civilization, which had existed upon Tayna for over five thousand years, but was wiped out over three hundred years before.  They want more than a simple existence for themselves and any children they might have later.  They must face and overcome many challenges in this quest and even learn to travel to other planets, as their starfaring ancestors.  They learn how to live with and accept many different peoples and form an Alliance of Worlds, as they strive to save the homeworld of one of their allies, from the dark enemy which wiped out Tayna’s civilization so long ago.  They combine their Talents, skills, resources, hearts and minds to triumph in the end.  Then comes the rebuilding and cementing their Alliance, so it will last well beyond their own lives.

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Blackbirds: Life of a Thief

Ancestry Universe Book 1

The Deities Saga, Book 1

Genre: Dark Fantasy


On a forgotten, destroyed colony world, simple villagers set out to rediscover their past.  In the process they create changes within their village and themselves that awakens a need to strive for more in all their lives.  While out on their journey, our young adventurers discover an ancient evil which existed upon Tayna from before the bombings of the great cities centuries before.  Can they survive?

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