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Welcome all to my post on the game Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Trophy Hunter edition. In these blog posts I will be updating you all on how far I have come in the game as we play. I will be keeping an eye on the bestiary, hunts, license board, and amount of times that I die.


I have not complete the game, so there are many things I will not know going into this (primarily the ending).


(Chapters available on the YouTube video)







For the Homeland - Faced the Arcadian Empire as an initiate in the Order of the Knights of Dalmasca. [Obtained on previous attempt]

Galbana Bloom - Defeated your first mark. [Obtained on previous attempt]

Assault Striker - Used Attack 300 times. [Obtained on previous attempt]

A Traitor Redeemed - Escaped from the Nalbina Dungeons. [Obtained on previous attempt]

The Unrelenting - Completed a 50-chain in battle. [Obtained on previous attempt]


*** no trophies obtained during Part 1 ***







The Bestiary provides you with insights on the foes you have defeated during the game. Each foe gives you a certain amount of information after coming into contact with them, once we defeat all the ones you require (shown by number next to the foe) you gain the full spectrum of information.


I only reference the name of the enemies I obtain, and completed, during the playthrough. For full details on each creature, go to the Fandom Wiki page.




The Dalmasca Sands

001: Cactoid

002: Ichthon

003: Wolf

004: Wild Saurian

005: Cockatrice

006: Gnoma Entite

007: Dive Talon



Giza Plains

008: Hyena

009: Wooly Gator

010: Happy Bunny

011: Great Tortoise

012: Sleipnir

013: Silicon Tortoise

014: Wildsnake

015: Werewolf

016: Urstrix

017: Storm Elemental

018: Slaven

019: Mardu Entite








001. Cactoid

Classification: Plant

Genus: Cactus

Location: The Dalmasca Sands

Status: Complete



Being a mischievous, mean-spirited beastie, mercifully lacking the intelligence to do any real damage.

Sproutlings are called cactites. A rare strain is notable for its proclivity to sprout a scarrlet blossom; that being seldom seen, of the highest value, and considered a sign of miraculous good fortune by sensitive young lovers with a tolerance for needles.


The Adventurer's Handbook

Ye adventurers only beginning on your travels:your first task should well be the collection of 1,000 needles from the fickle cactoid.

Upon plucking this collection, you will find yourself not only the proud owner of a bundle of needles, but possessed of great experience in interminable combat withal, and, should you sell it, a pittance of coin.

If making a bundle exceeds your capabilities, the adventurer is urged to reconsider his or her vocation and take up employ about town. Adventuring is not all fun and games, mark you.



003. Wolf

Classification: Beast

Genus: Wolf

Location: The Dalmasca Sands

Status: Need 1


Will add info once completed.




020. Dire Rat

Classification: Beast

Genus: Rat

Location: The Garamsythe Waterway

Status: Need 2


Will add info once completed.




212. Rogue Tomato

Classification: Rank I Mark

Genus: Deadly Nightshade

Location: Mark [Dalmasca Estersand]



A vexing Representative of the Deadly Nightshade Family has been sighted nearby Rabanastre!

Thankfully, it is apparently a Rogue, outcast from its Kin, a Stranger in a strange Land, no longer possessed of those deadly Powers it once wielded with Impunity.

In it Loneliness, it has taken to attacking Travelers and Merchants, and so did Tomaj, an Associate of Vann, post a Bill for this Mark.




Sky Pirate's Den


None are acquired at this time.




This game will be streamed to the Twitch, and later uploaded to the YouTube. You can support the streams here.

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