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Ancestry Universe: History

The following history will be in the first novel of the series, Blackbirds: Life of a Thief (The Deities Saga, Book 1) [2nd edition distributed through Ky's Korner Productions, LLC]. We will have an audio version going out to the public once it is made available.


“Since the dawn of man, the Gods have involved themselves in humankind—and in affairs with humankind. Slaking their all-too-human desires with the flesh of mortal paramours, the Gods often sire half-breed offspring.” —Scion: Hero, White Wolf Games

Wars have raged throughout the course of history since before the birth of humankind. The Greek gods overthrew their creators, the Titans, and imprisoned them in the depths of Tartarus. However, some managed to touch the world from time to time, and even kept their influence, and their eventual release from the depths of the Earth used abominations they sired with other creatures that came to be called ‘titanspawn’, typically grotesque half-breeds. Destruction of the human world nearly came to pass. Only with the aid of Scions, fae, humans who possessed magical abilities, and other races joining against the Titans were the humans able to banish the Titans back to Tartarus once more.

For a time after the banishment of the Titans, peace among the ‘Mortal Realm’ and the ‘Other Realm’ was maintained. Descendants of both the gods and Titans continued to touch the world, causing wars throughout Greece, the Americas, Ireland, and other areas. Cu Chulainn, son of Lugh, was renowned for his many acts of bravery, but after the accidental murder of his mortal son, the last of the human supporters of the Irish gods turned their backs on the divinity. They splintered off into a small faction to take down any half-breeds they came across and lessen the influence that the gods had in the mortal world.

The ‘Scions’ duty never shifted from protecting the mortal world from the existence of the supernatural one, even with the added danger that the splinter group created. The overflowing threat from the Titans, and human factions, caused the other gods and goddesses from across the world to join forces to aid the other religions in their quest to protect the human world, by siring more offspring and joining in on the never-ending battle between light and darkness.


The official release of the 2nd edition is scheduled for August 15th, 2022, and can be pre-ordered here. Price is currently $1, and will go up to $5 August 1st, 2022.

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