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Arrowverse 2: The Arrow Returns

Updated: Apr 26

Welcome to season 2 of Arrow.

We start the season with Felicity and Diggle in an airplane going to Lian Yu. Poor Felicity immediately steps on a landmine. But don’t worry, Oliver saves her tarzan style. They are there to get Oliver, as he left because he feels he has failed in his mission. That he failed Starling City. They are there to bring him back because they need him to help Thea and the company get through the aftermath of The Undertaking. They are able to get him to come back with them. Back home, Thea is running the club and mad that Roy is out fighting people to try to keep the Glades safe. With the absence of The Hood crime has risen. There are a ton of new vigilantes on the scene including a group called The Hoods. Also we start to get the first news-pation of Star labs and their particle accelerator. There are several of these until the particle accelerator gets turned on during the mid-season finale. The Hoods kill the mayor on live TV during a fundraiser. The Hoods also interrupt a board meeting at Queen Consolidated to kill Oliver, they do this because they think the whole Queen family should die to pay for what his mom did. Oliver doesn’t want to be the hood anymore even though he came back to Starling City. He says it’s so that he doesn’t kill and dishonor Tommy’s memory. The Hoods attack the club to look for Oliver, but they take Thea instead. This pushes Oliver to get back in the suit. We also see the first appearance of The Canary when she helps Roy beat up some would be rapists. The next episode starts with Roy listening to police scanners and helping a FEMA truck in crisis. He is committed to helping the Glades no matter what. But he flips his car in the process. Since Oliver has been out of town he finds out about the FEMA trucks getting taken and the hospital being in need when he is there with Thea for Roy. He decides this will be the first job with his new rules and methods. Oliver goes to talk to Laurel who is working for the DA and has made it her mission to catch The Hood. She sets up a trap, when The Hood comes to visit her she pushes a button that calls forth the police hiding around the building. Luckily for Oliver, The Canary drops in and saves him with a sonic burst of sound. She doesn't talk to him though so he doesn't know who she is.

When The Undertaking happened the Iron Heights prison was damaged and some prisoners escaped. The police are trying to keep it on the downlow but one of the escapees goes on a killing spree. The killer on the loose kills women by pouring polymer down their throats until they suffocate. He then dresses them up as dolls and leaves them for the police to find. This starts the creepy and darker vibe of season two. Some of the stuff that happens borders on horror content. The first time The Dollmaker was killing Lance was the one who brought him. Lance goes to The Arrow (Oliver goes by The Arrow now) for help catching him. This is the first we see just how much Lance trusts The Arrow now. When last season he hated him, now he trusts him more than some people in the department. Lance and The Arrow go interrogate the Dollmaker's lawyer and The Arrow shoots him in the shoulder which Lance sees as going too far but he does get some information. The info leads them to a hotel room or apartment with a doll holding the front page showing when The Dollmaker got caught and a phone. As soon as they walk in the Dollmaker calls Lance and starts messing with him letting him know that he has another victim and is about to pour polymer down her throat. Which he does, and they listen to it happen. Felicity offers up purchasing the skin cream that they think the Dollmaker uses as a way to pick his victims so that hopefully he will take the bait. While on the stakeout Lance tells The Arrow that the reason he got so into the Dollmaker case was because it was right after Sara died on the ship and all the victims were all around Sara’s age and grief does crazy things. During all this Oliver’s mom is having her pretrial and we learn the state is pursuing the death penalty. Also Roy is trying to find the woman in black (We know as The Canary) so he goes to a girl called Sin for information, she makes him chase after her and knocks him out. She takes him back to where she and The Canary are staying in a clock tower. While he's in their care he gets a text saying that Laural's been kidnapped and upon seeing that The Canary runs to go help and so does Oliver because he's heard on the news and they both meet up. The Canary kills the Dollmaker after he almost kills Laurel. When The Canary makes her way back to the clock tower she's hiding in a person in black archer clothing similar to Malcolm Merlyn shows up to let her know that Ra’s al Ghul is requesting her return.

Felicity realizes that the masked girl, The Canary, might be following Laurel not Oliver and they might be able to use that to find her. Which they do. Oliver finds her watching over Laurel’s apartment. Where he interrogates her and discovers she is Sara, Laurel’s sister that he took with him on the Queen’s Gambit. Laurel's starts throwing herself into work. She goes to dinner with a friend and drinks a little too much and on her way home gets stopped by the police and they notify Lance who is an alcoholic and is afraid Laurel might be too. Oliver tries to convince Sara to tell her family that she's alive because she's been in pain for so long. We see a man in a creepy mask testing some kind of injection on people. We get an update about Moira and her defense, the DA is offering a plea deal of life if she pleads guilty. Afterward, Oliver and Sara come home and are attacked by someone dressed like the Dark Archer. After fighting him off he brings Sara back to his little bat cave so that he can find the people who attacked him. But Sara can tell exactly who these people are because they are all part of the League of Assassins. Apparently she was a member but she left after The Undertaking to check up on her family. But she didn’t head right back, she stuck around for weeks. The League has now sent people to Starling to bring her home, and to threaten her family if they have to. Oliver goes to protect Laurel and Felicity goes to Lance, who doesn't believe her. So Sarah has to reveal that she is alive and starts talking with her father. Oliver hangs out with Laurel and finds a knife in her apartment which shows him the Assassins are going to go after Lance who Sara has brought back to the clock tower. They have a scuffle and two out of the three assassins are killed. Before they die one of them called her the beloved and mentioned how the child of Ra’s al Ghul wanted her back and so it's pretty obvious that she's involved in some way with the children or child of Ra's al Ghul. Sara decides Laurel and her mom can not know that she's alive because they will never stop trying to find her when that could get them killed so Lance has to let Sara go and agree to not tell the rest of the family. Roy alerts The Arrow to a job, and gets himself arrested while trying to help. While Diggle is taken by ARGUS because Lyla, His ex-wife, is missing. Oliver and team head to Russia to find Lyla. With Oliver’s connections to the Russian mob they are able to quickly find out Lyla is in a gulag named Koshmar. Diggle is going to go undercover in the gulag to find and extract Lyla. While Diggle is inside he is attacked and sent to the cold room, where he finds Deadshot. Deadshot kills the guard meant to bring Diggle around and takes him to Lyla. After escaping, Deadshot tells Diggle that his brother was the target and the one who called the hit has the alias HIVE. Moria’s lawyer tells Thea she has to dump Roy to protect Moria’s parental image. Moria shuts that shit down as soon as she finds out.

The Count, the man behind the drug Vertigo, escaped Iron Heights during the quake. He is getting people addicted with a new strain of Vertigo. People who haven’t even taken Vertigo are dropping sick and shaking. Felicity finds out the Count was doping people at a flu vaccine van. She goes to investigate and is captured by the Count. Oliver is forced to kill him when he threatens to inject Felicity with a lethal dose of Vertigo. All this while Moira is on trial. She fights to prove she doesn’t deserve the death penalty. We find out Moira and Malcolm had a quick little affair years ago. Somehow she is found not guilty on all charges. Blood hired the Count to kill Oliver, also he seems to have made progress with whatever he is injecting people with. While Moira is being taken home she is taken to a parking lot to talk to Malcolm. He tells her he got her the not guilty verdict, and he knows Thea is his daughter. There is a break in at the Queen Consolidated Applied Science building. Barry Allen shows up to help because he says there are similar crimes in Central City. Barry and Felicity are showing off their smarts and he looks like he likes her. Barry is able to determine that it’s not a group but one very strong man is stealing industrial centrifuges. Oliver seems a little bothered about how chummy they are, or possibly just bothered about another person helping. Barry is a bit of a vigilante fanboy since his mom was murdered and he thinks the Arrow, or people like him, might have been able to solve it. Sin goes to Roy for help finding a missing friend, Thea says she wants him to help and is coming with. Malcolm tells Moira Thea is all he has left and she better tell Thea he’s her dad soon. The thief starts stealing blood, o- to be exact. Oliver tells of the super human serum that Dr. Ivo was testing on people on the island called Mirakuru. Barry and Felicity are flirting and she invites him as her plus one to Oliver’s party. Brother Blood (Sebastian Blood) is behind the break ins, he’s not the one doing the crimes but he is calling the shots. Barry gets called out for lying about why he’s in town since there are no similar crimes in Central City, and he tells his tragic backstory. No one comes to the party Oliver tried to throw for Moira’s return. While there Oliver invites Barry as a way to apologize for making him and Felicity uncomfortable earlier. Moira tells Ra’s al Ghul about what Malcolm did, which betrys the code they all train to, and Ra’s wants to kill Malcolm himself. Moira tells him to run. Barry just misses his train home, which is good because Oliver has been injected when an unknown substance and Felicity needs his help. Oliver is coding and Barry is trying to help him. He ends up giving Oliver rat poison to act as a blood thinner. Oliver is mad at Felicity for telling Barry his secret, even though it saved his life. Blood is trying to produce the super serum to make 100 more men with super strength. After Oliver shoots Roy to get him to stop helping him, Roy Thea and Sin decide they can do it themselves. This leads to Roy getting captured by Blood and injected with Mirakuru. Oliver is seeing hallucinations and Barry stays to test his blood. But his blood is clean and it’s just Oliver’s mind messing with him. This causes Oliver to call Lance for help. Lance gets a small crew to try to bring in the superhuman dude. Half the crew is killed during the mission partly because they have a dirty cop in the mix who warns Blood. Blood starts his campaign for mayor. Blood meets with the man that gave him the formula for Mirakuru, Slade Wilson. We end the episode with Star Labs particle accelerator going off and Barry being struck by lightning.

There is a 5 week jump in time. Oliver has been using this time to beat on tons of people from bad parts of town asking them if they know about the man in the skull mask. So far no one has seen anything. Oliver is endorsing Sebastian Blood for mayor. A man declares war on politicians in the city by blowing up buildings and posting his manifesto online. Laurel is looking into Sebastian, she thinks he’s shady and found out he knows the big dude that was stealing the blood and center fuses. He also worked with the labs that tested people before the blood drive. Roy’s been acting strange for the past 5 weeks. He’s not sleeping, and when Thea confronts him a box of glass is toppled over cutting his hand. Roy heals very quickly from the wound. Oliver is being hard on Felicity assumedly because he has feelings for her and she is worried about Barry, who is still in a coma from the Star labs incident. Sebastian is holding a unity rally in a move to show that living in home in fear is no way of living. During the rally a bomb goes off, and it knocks over a metal tower of lights, Roy catches it and lifts it off Moira. Oliver apologizes to Felicity saying when she is in Central City he realizes he needs her. We find out Sebastian killed his father and put his mother in an insane asylum so he wouldn’t get caught. Sebastian goes to visit his mother to find out what she told Laurel, and kills her on his way out. Laurel goes to the Arrow for help looking into Sebastian. To find out if Sebastian really killed his dad, Oliver needs Laurel’s help to get the old case file. But the file is empty. Roy has decided with his new abilities he can help the city without the Arrow. Roy and Sin decide to go after a hotshot lawyer who likes slicing up hookers. Sin is sent in to pose as a hooker, and the guy takes the bait. Roy almost beats him to death. Slade chastises Blood for almost getting the case file looked at, and tells him to take care of Laurel. He gets the dirty cop to arrest her for having pills not prescribed to her. That way no one believes her when she tells them about Blood. While Oliver takes Laurel home and helps her clean up, Blood and his men kidnap her. Once Oliver wakes up from the knockout punch he heads to the place written on the walls to get her back. Laurel kills Blood while he is fighting Oliver, well one of Blood’s goons dressed up as him. This particular goon is the dirty cop, and he is set to take all the blame. Laurel gets fired from the DA’s office for substance abuse. Slade threatens Blood that if he keeps fucking up he will be dead. Oliver confronts Roy as the Arrow to warn about the serum, and offers to teach him control.

A dude is brought into Iron Heights prison with blades and metal knuckles hidden inside his body to give to his new cellmate, Bronze Tiger, so Tiger can escape. Oliver is training Roy with the same water technique he was taught with. Lance tricks Laurel into going to an AA meeting, she gets pissed and storms off. Bronze Tiger is hired to steal a prototype earthquake device from Malcolm Merlyn. The Arrow and Roy are there to stop them, but Roy gets too angry and focused on one guy and the machine gets away. Walter wants Moria to run for mayor. Oliver takes off the mask to get through to Roy while he’s beating up the Bronze Tiger. Moria decides to run for mayor after Thea says it wouldn’t be crazy and that she would vote for her, but Moria is worried about it getting out that Robert is not Thea's dad. Amanda Waller shows up to recruit Bronze Tiger, for the suicide squad. Oliver calls Sara to help with Laurel's spiral. Laurel is in the hospital after being really drunk and seeing Sara, which she then passed out and knocked herself out. A woman who shows up at the airport is Sara’s lover and the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul. Felicity is able to piece together that Thea’s dad is Malcolm and confronts Moira about it. Nyssa, Ra’s daughter, is there to either take Sara back or kill her, but when given the chance Nyssa can’t do it. Laurel was poisoned with snake venom proving that the league have decided to go after Sara’s family to get her back. Felicity opens up to Oliver about her family to soften the blow about Thea. Which she tells him about right before he is to go up and endorse Moria for mayor. Sara drinks the venom so Nyssa can’t take her back or hurt her family. If it wasn’t for Oliver that plan would have backfired with Nyssa saying she would have killed Sara’s family if she died from the venom. Nyssa ends up releasing Sara from the league rather than risking Sara trying to kill herself again. Laurel is very mad at Sara, for being alive and not contacting them, for getting on the boat, ending their parents' marriage, and putting them in danger. Oliver and Sara are both sad™ and they hook up. Oliver is hosting a welcome back from the dead party for Sara. Lance apologizes for how hard he was to Oliver when he first came back from the dead and tells about how he felt about Oliver since he took Sara with him. Lance and their mom are getting a little hand-holdy at the party. Felicity is feeling a little out of the group now that there is Oliver, Diggle, and Sara who all fight and are strong and go out in the field. I think she has a crush on Oliver and is feeling a little inadequate now that Sara is there and seeing Oliver. Lance is trying to have a family dinner so hopefully him and their mom can get back together. The villain Tockman hacks into team Arrow's system and uses it to destroy literally all their computers. Diggle gives Felicity a pep talk about how even though she's you know hitting a few low points she's irreplaceable and they need her. During the family dinner their mom drops that she has someone back in Central City when Lance was poking at her to move back to Starling. Laurel notices the looks Sara and Oliver are giving each other during dinner and blows up yelling at literally everyone. Oliver confronts Laurel about how she's been blaming literally everyone except for herself for her drug and alcohol addiction, losing her job, and her bad relationship with her family. Oliver left bait for Tockman in his bank vault and Felicity goes to the bank to do her computer work since the computers in the batcave are still fried. Felicity follows Sara into the basement where Tockman is hiding and uploads a virus, the same one that he used to destroy their computers, to his phone. Thea hires Sara to be the new bartender at Verdant. Thea calls Oliver home because of an emergency but she was really just trying to get him and his mom to talk. When he bursts into the house his mom is in the middle of a meeting with Slade Wilson. Most of this episode is spent in flashback detailing what Oliver and Slade's relationship was like during his time on the island. I don’t normally spend much time talking about the flashbacks (I mean look at how long this post is without it) but it does get back into the current time. As soon as Moira steps out of the room for a decent amount of time Oliver attempts to hit Slade with a pick but Thea comes home. Thea gives Slade a tour showing him around the house at all the artwork. Sara and Roy are doing target practice when Oliver sneakily calls Felicity in order to ask for help with the Slade problem. As soon as Sara hears Slade's voice she knows exactly how in danger Oliver and his family is. While Slade was in Oliver's house he put up a ton of cameras basically on anything he touched. Oliver goes to the Russians for help finding Slade. Diggle is watching Felicity's house now that they know Slade is back. He also put extra security on Oliver’s mom, Roy is watching Thea and Sara is watching Laurel. Amanda Waller brings Diggle and Lyla in to help with the first mission with the Suicide Squad, well she calls them Task Force X. While Oliver is taking care of a robbery he finds Slade’s old mask that Oliver left on the beach of Lian Yu. With Task Force X, Shrapnel tries to run and Amanda blows his head up. Diggle is mad at Lyla for being cool with this whole set up. Oliver falls out with the mob since he won’t do a return favor for them looking into Slade. Oliver does the classic “Stay away from me to keep you safe” bullshit with Sara. Oliver goes off to find Slade by himself. When Oliver gets there there is a dead body and a video of Shado. He finally opens up to Sara. At the Task Force the nerve agent that they are there to grab is huge and can’t be extracted. Amada plans on drone striking the party with Deadshot inside. Waller set the drone after Deadshot but Diggle took him with him and Layla cuts his implant out. Oliver goes to Amanda Waller for help on tracking and dealing with Slade. She pulls up some info on Deathstroke, which is Slade.

The Arrow helps the cops catch Bertinelli, from season one, who asks if his daughter sent The Arrow to kill him. The team starts preparing for Helena to get back in town. Laurel is offered a job back at the courthouse to help on the Bertinelli case. Her new boss uses Helna’s dad and Laurel as bait but it backfires, and Helena takes hostages. By the way, Oliver is an emotional manipulator, he tells Roy to break up with Thea when he shows trouble controlling his anger in the field. It really feels like he is doing this as a way to punish Roy, and it hurts everyone involved. Now Thea is upset when Slade pulls up and offers her a ride home. Slade kidnaps Thea, and he drops her off directly in the arms of Blood. It takes 24 hours before the family gets worried about Thea. During the debate between Blood and Moria, a video question from ’Thea’ comes through. One of her tied up and Slade holding her hair. Moria thinks it’s Malcolm. When they go to where they think Thea is they find Slade sitting in an armchair. The Arrow hits him with a venom arrow to knock him out and arrest him. But Slade has flight records showing he was out of town during the abduction. Slade let's Thea go, because he’s made his point to Oliver. Before she leaves he tells her about Oliver’s secret. While this is happening Oliver temporarily gives Isabel Rochev full CEO rights. She uses that to call an emergency board meeting and they make it permanent. She’s working with Slade, and after a bit of a scuffle she tells him where Thea is. The secret Slade tells Thea was that Malcolm Merlyn is her father. Isabel has the Queen consolidated Applied Sciences making Mirakuru. Lance gets arrested for assisting in several felonies after being unable to name the vigilante. Slade gives Laurel a visit just to tell her Oliver is the Arrow. The team blows up the Applied Science building. Oliver learns from Moria that his dad slept with Isabel and he later learns his dad was going to leave th