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'Godzilla: King of Monster' Movie Review

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is by far the worst story driven movie I have ever seen...okay, that's a hyperbolic statement that holds no water, but in terms of story, this movie is dogshit -- 2/10... But did I really go see this movie for the story or human characters? Hell no. I went to this movie for the monsters, which I got plenty of... ALMOST. There are plenty of monsters and cool monster fights, but they are slightly bogged down by particle effects and long stretches of bullshit human drama. In terms of fights it's an improvement over the first, but man, those human characters and story are garbage. Seriously, there are moments where I screamed "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?!" and "WHAT IS CONTINUITY FOR YOU GUYS?!"

This movie would have been a 5 if there weren't one ore two scenes that hit me right in the feels and fanboy parts. I know this movie deserves a 5 or maybe even a 4, because let's face it, this is not as good as the first Godzilla nor is it as good as Kong... but where those movies have okay characters and story, they both lacked in the actual monster department. Both those movies are a 6 in my book as they almost know what they are and do deliver on a good spectacle. Kong: Skull Island is more of a 7 as that end credits sequence was so beautiful and I did tear up just a bit.

This movie's spectacle is epic in scale and actually feels like real titans duking it out for the sake of the planet. The film critic in me knows this is a bad movie, but the fan boy and sane part of me knows this was not meant to be an academy award winning movie or a something of that sort. It was meant to show off awesome visuals and a bunch of cool monster fights. And, the cherry on top, it's meant to get us hyped for Godzilla vs Kong.

The reason I am giving this movie a 6 is not only because of the fights and grand spectacle, it's because WB and Legendary have managed to make the 2nd best cinematic universe and they made it by f***ing accident. This movie fits well within the monsterverse and bears repeat viewing, whether you're drunk as hell or high as balls, or just sober as a monkey, this movie's spectacle is something to enjoy. Plus, going into it, knowing it's just that -- a spectacle -- makes for a better time overall.

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