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Meet the Team: Gwenyth

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Gwenyth Rosenkrantz - Nami Nation Streamer & voiceover (freelance)

Gwenyth uses They/Them pronouns. Gwenyth Rosenkrantz is an LGBTQ+ performance artist specializing in the comedic arts. They have trained under many different schools of comedy, including UCB, Comedy Sportz, Second City, Rise, and even The Groundlings. Sketch, stand up, improv, screen acting, voice acting, and many forms of theatre all fall under their biggest passions.

Seeking to constantly learn, grow, and educate others, they are currently an instructor at Rise Comedy in Denver, and has taught comedic arts to all ages.

On Tik Tok, Gwenyth has gained a following under the name "Gwenbeshort" where they are constantly creating new content for their online audience.

Find them on TikTok, Instagram, and their website

Gwenyth streams on Ky's Korner Production's YouTube every Monday and Tuesday at 12pm Mountain / 2pm Eastern.

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