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Meet the Team: Joshua

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Joshua Fisher - Audio Engineer (freelance)

Josh uses He/Him pronouns. Josh is a native of Portland, Oregon where he lives with his wife and child. While balancing his day job, Josh is also a podcast creator, audio engineer, and is the founder of the 1upPodcast Network. He began podcasting and audio engineering in 2014 when he started The News and Brews show, a podcast where he and his cohost reviewed beers and talked about current events. That show ran for about 4 years. Since then he has created the award-nominated actual play podcast Are We Dead Yet?, the History Podcast While Rome Burns, and "Let's go to Therapy!" where Josh advocates for people to go to Therapy by telling his own personal stories and experiences. Josh is also a writer, storyteller, and occassional voice actor. Josh is passionate about podcasting and believes it is a force for good and for change in a world where access to an audience is no longer guarded by gatekeepers in the media industry. You can reach Josh by contacting him on Twitter or through the contact page on the 1up Podcast Network Website.

Find him on his Website, the Are We Dead Yet? Twitter, and the While Rome Burns Twitter

A sample of his work Blood Merchant and other tales - A short story fiction anthology he contributed to for a kickstarter campaign:

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