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Love By Chance Universe Explained

Hello everyone!

For those that know me, I am obsessed with watching foreign drama (in particular BL). During one of my many binge sessions (I know I have a problem, but will keep doing it anyways), I started watching Love By Chance, and fell in love with the series. I then found out that TharnType was a prequel series to this one (I sort of wish I watched that one first). It did not change the way I came into TharnType, but I wanted to explain some of the universe in this blog post. I will also be doing this with En of Love, and a few other BL dramas that I came across during the years.

The Timeline

As of November 2022 there are four series that take place in this universe. ‘Love By Chance’ was the first of these and fully aired in 2018 with its sequel ‘A Chance To Love’ which aired in 2020. TharnType, which aired from 2019 to 2020, ‘TharnType 2: 7 Years Of Love’ was released in 2020. There are some of series that might be a part of the universe, but I need to watch them and do further research before I edit this post to include them. I will have a video made at a later time that talks about the universe, as a whole, once I watch the other shows I believe might be part of this one.

The basic timeline:

  1. Tharn Type – Tharn, Type, Techno and Tum (and friends) are all freshmen in university.

  2. Love By Chance – LBC is set 3 years after the events of TharnType. Ae, Pete, Tin and Can (and friends) are all freshmen in university. The cast of TharnType are all in their final (4th) year of university.

  3. Love By Chance 2 – This series follows immediately after the events of the first LBC, so all the characters are exactly the same age as before.

  4. TharnType 2 – As hinted in the title, this series takes place 7 years after the events of TharnType and therefore 4 years after the events of LBC.

Can I Watch Them In Any Order?


I wouldn’t suggest watching LBC 2 or TharnType 2 before watching the prequel, but you can watch either TharnType or LBC in any order you like. Just be aware that they had to cast different characters, for multiple reasons. All series are available on Viki.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before watching:

  • Tum and Tar are brothers, but they aren’t biologically related. Throughout the show they call each other ‘brother’ and refer to their shared parents which but they are step-brothers.

  • TharnType is the darker, more X-Rated.

  • Both have major issues with portraying sexual assault.

*Disclaimer: I took some parts of this post from other sources during my research, as well as my personal observations from watching the series.

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