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RWBY Theories, Part 2: Pyrrha's Soul

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Where is Pyrrha’s Soul? “You know who is not coming back? Pyrrha. Still salty about that.” – Teah

“Do you believe in destiny?” – Pyrrha Nikos; Volume 3, Chapter 12: End of the Beginning During Volume 3, Chapter 12: End of the Beginning, Pyrrha went to the top of Beacon Tower to face-off against Cinder Fall. During the conflict, Pyrrha was turned to “dust”. We believe that Cinder now has 3 souls and a part of Grimm due to her arm, which is eating her alive.

In volume 7 of RWBY, we learned that the machine used to give Penny Polendina a portion of Pietro’s soul was also in Beacon.

My family believes that Pyrrha will return, just her voice, in Volume 8 or 9. We believe that a portion of Pyrrha’s soul was linked to the fall maiden powers. When they started the transference of the soul, it did link Amber and Pyrrha for a short time.During this time, a sliver of Pyrrha’s soul could have merged with the maiden’s power before Cinder shot Amber and took the rest of the power for herself. It is possible Cinder may have an “Oscar / Ozpin” conversation in a later season.


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