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RWBY Theories, Part 4: Maidens & Relics

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

*co-written with Teah McHenry

The expansive lore of the world of Remnant has left many unanswered questions. How will Salem be defeated? What else is Ozpin hiding? Will Qrow kick his drinking habit? The list goes on. In this article my family and I will be discussing some of our theories. Be forewarned that there will be spoilers for RWBY, RWBY Chibi, RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, and others related to the show.



*claps hands* "Maidens!" - Teah

The original maidens, in the fairytale, were four sisters who helped the hermit (wizard) by showing him great kindness. He bestowed upon them the gift of magic.


Past Maidens

Amber (Fall maiden)

She was the first maiden introduced in the series.

She was killed by Cinder Fall right before the fall of Beacon Academy. During a flashback episode, you find out that Cinder, Emerald, and Mercury stole a portion of her maiden powers through a white glove (Grimm hidden inside).


Cinder Fall (Fall maiden)

She stole the powers of the original fall maiden, with the help of Emerald and Mercury. She is trying to take all of the maiden powers for herself. During the fall of Beacon, she killed Amber (the previous maiden) and took the rest of her powers.

*we will talk more about Cinder in part 9.


Raven Branwen (Spring maiden)

"Fun fact: Branwen means both crow and raven. So that means we have Raven McRaven and Qrow McCrow." - Teah

"She is a self-serving, psychotic, egomaniac (the list does go on, but language...)" - Kyleen

This woman abandoned her child, used Vernal as a substitute / sacrifice. She clearly hates Ozpin, and tries to turn her own daughter (use that term loosely), Yang, against him. It is implied that she killed the previous spring maiden in order to gain her powers.

*rant on her will be in the video below


Fria (Winter maiden)

Not much is known about Fria. General James Ironwood put her in protective custody prior to showing her in the series.


Penny Poledina (Winter maiden)

At the end of volume 7, Penny becomes the new winter maiden. This threw a HUGE wrench in General Ironwood's plans, because he was grooming Winter Schnee to take over. He wanted a pawn that would follow his every orders, with little to no questions.

Now she is on the run with Ruby Rose and gang.

*more information in the video at the end of the blog


Future Maidens

Neo will be the next fall maiden. She will backstab (literally) Cinder through the chest. This will cause Cinder to wonder why Neo betrayed her, making her final thoughts about Neo.

Yang or Blake will be the next spring maiden. Sometime before the final encounter, Raven will either join a fight against Salem, or somehow save Yang / Blake. Whoever she saves, will most likely get the powers. We believe that it would most likely be Blake, in hopes that she will protect her daughter from the war.

The summer maiden will most likely be Professor Rumple (CFVY novels) or Theodore's daughter (we will call her Dorothy for this explanation). Rumple obviously knows more than she is letting on, so it is possible she is already a maiden. Dorothy is the daughter of the headmaster of Shade Academy. It would make sense that he has basically been taken off the grid in order to protect his daughter from Salem. He is aware of the chaos going on and is preparing for the bigger threat that is coming. it is possible that Qrow is keeping him informed as best as possible during this time.



The four relics are the crown (choice), lamp (knowledge), staff (creation), and sword (destruction). The relics were left by the God of Light in hopes that humanity would learn to work together. Once all four relics are together, it can be used to summon both the Gods of Light and Dark, to judge humanity.


Crown of Choice

No one knows where it is, but we have a few suggestions. The actual reasoning will be listed in the video below.

  • Forever Fall

  • The Long Memory (Ozpin's cane)

  • Patch


The Lamp of Knowledge

We all know that the lamp is currently with Cinder & Neo, what you don't know is what the last question asked was in century, or what happened during Ozpin's timeline in genral. More on this in the video.


The Staff of Creation

The staff is currently being used to keep Atlas in the sky. What will happen to it during volumes 8 and 9? Listen to the video at the end to hear our theories.