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Tayna's Dawn Funding Goal

Tayna's Dawn

"Simple village dwellers on a forgotten colony world set out to rediscover their star-spanning heritage and recreate their lives anew for themselves and their families."

This Kickstarter runs from May 2nd - June 2nd 2021. The funds go toward the production of the audiobook, author websites, basic marketing, and any additional funds will be put towards other audiobooks in this series. Katrina Morrigan will be offering her artwork to backers, this includes the concept art for Winds of Change and Striding Forth. Stretch goals may include physical copies of the audiobook and artwork of the four main characters: Ryes, Garth, Maren, Sabin, and others to come! The goal for the campaign is $2,000.


Donations made to the company will be allocated to the project with any remaining funds will go to other projects and equipment for future projects.

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