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'The Invisible Man' Movie Review

Some movies have no right to be as good as they are. The Invisible Man is one of those movies, times six. No. Really. It is that good. Maybe even better. The Invisible Man prides itself by being a horror movie that is a think piece as well as it is scary. I over heard someone saying that this movie is for women what Get Out was for black people. Now I don’t know if that’s true, but I can understand the sentiment.

The movie is a statement, or social commentary, on how women feel after leaving their abuser. In terms of a horror property to tackle this subject, The Invisible Man is a no brainer. But it’s how well it executed this no brainer that makes it something more... Something... God-like.

The visual effects are downright incredible, and despite its VERY low budget, it manages to pull their effects off perfectly. The cinematography is also beautifully complimentary to said VFX. The solid direction also builds upon that as well and everything is just so layered to the point you get hungry thinking of this movie as a cake. MMMMMMMM. Delicious.

Elizabeth Moss carries this movie with a scared stare, a maddening glance, and an uneased expression. She is sometimes LITERALLY acting against nothing and you full on believe that something is there -- watching her. Stalking her. HUNTING her. It's a shame she wasn't nominated for her part in this movie, because it really was nothing short of jaw dropping.

I wish I wasn’t exaggerating, but it’s true. This movie has become an instant classic here. The horror of someone just watching you... without you knowing... it’s beautiful. It really is beautiful. Director Leigh Whannell, has crafted something beautiful here. I will elaborate more when I’m not fucking tired, but as of right now here’s my verdict.

Verdict: 5/5 Stars.

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