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Top Five Critical Role Ships

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

In honor of this the romance month, I will be reviewing the top 5 Critical Role ships. The popularity is based on the number of fics written on AO3. The number of stories written at the time of writing will be noted. So let's begin:

5. Jester Lavorre / Beauregard Lionett (967 fics written)

This is the fifth most popular ship. I love this pair, they really vibe well together. In the show Beau even told Veth that she had feelings for Jester. Beau had been the one who had had previous one night stands with guests in the past but she said with Jester it was different, she felt more than lust. This is a powerful ship, both are blue coded strong women. Both of them separately and together will crush you if they need to, especially to save the other one. Both are very strong and very capable. Jester is a cleric but she's not known for healing but most of her healing has gone to Beauregard. Also, Jester is devastated every time Beau doesn't want to be her roommate because she loves her and wants her nearby.

4. Jester Lavorre / Caleb Widogast (1021 fics written)

I'll be honest This is one of my favorite ships, Jester and Caleb do kind of fit into the manic pixie dream girl saves the troubled boy but they're so damn cute. Jester with all her levity and joy that she brings but she does still have problems that Caleb can understand even though she comes from a house that was pretty well off and he came from a house that was very much not. Caleb is indeed a very sad boy but he has a lightness with her. Anytime he polymorphs into an animal he always makes a point to note that he plays with Jester. When Caleb turns into an ape he would pat Jester on the head,when they're both dinosaurs he would kind of nudge her and stuff like. I truly think when he becomes an animal he loses the human brain stopping him from showing what his true person is and that's why he's so fun to play with and so fun to interact with when he's an animal. Caleb was traumatized when he was a young boy and I think he reverts back to that when he is in animal form. I truly think they would compliment each other very well. This was not confirmed in the show but in the after show Talks Machina, we know that Caleb did have feelings for Jester at one point. In the show, after he admitted that on Talks Machina, he started narrating a bit more of Caleb's thoughts including ones about Jester. Sadly canon wise this ship came to an end when Jester started dating Fjord recently. The new couple (Fjord and Jester) were snuggling and Caleb saw, he kind of sighed and came to the realization they weren't going to be a thing.

3. Beauregard Lionett / Yasha (1323 fics written)

This is an amazing ship, they are both the strong and silent type. But they both get so awkward around each other and they just are huge dorks. This ship has slowly become canon at this point in the show. At the time of writing the two have told each other that they like each other, like like each other, and have planned a date for the next time that they're not running for their lives. It was hinted at the end of the February 11th episode that Beau is planning on the date happening next time they play. They are very good together and truly care about each other. They continually have moments of trying to show off to each other. Yasha is a little bit more subtle about it, she'll just kind of make sure Beau can see in like look over at her. While Beau will go “Yasha did you see that!” while doing dangerous tasks or while fighting. Yasha has had some trauma in the past when it comes to relationships and Beau respected that as soon as she knew. She was flirting with her in the beginning until she found out that Yasha used to have a wife that was killed and Beau backed off. They both tiptoed around each other until they both admitted to Jester that they liked each other and Jester was like “you guys should talk to each other and like go on a date and stuff” and the eventually Jester broke down and told Yasha that Beau likes her and was letting Yasha make the first move because Yasha was married before, she has more baggage going into this. They are so awkward around each other, Yasha wrote Beau a poem as her first move and Beau asked her on a date in response to the poem.

2. Percival “Percy” Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III / Vex'ahlia (1494 fics written)

Unlike the rest of the ships on this list, this couple is from the first season. It is a canon relationship between Talison and Lara’s characters. They are the power couple of the campaign. They were end game, spoilers, they literally ended campaign one with Percy and Vex'ahlia’s wedding. They were very flirtatious and messing around with each other. Percy would build things for Vex'ahlia all the time, including making her flying broomstick more comfortable by adding handlebars and a seat so that she could actually ride it. He made her special arrows that had explosives, or were poisonous, etc. He was always tinkering for her and they truly were a wonderful beautiful couple.

1. Mollymauk Tealeaf / Caleb Widogast (1568 fics written)

This is the top ship on AO3, I personally am not a fan of this ship. To each their own but I personally think the ship is very toxic leading to sad boys healing each other's wounds in a not quite so healthy way. I've not read any of these fan fictions because I'm not a fan of the ship so maybe people do write them bettering each other and getting more in a healthy mindset together. In the show, Molly was very flirtatious, out there, and really in your face flamboyant. While Caleb was literally trying to hide from the law. He was very quiet, awkward, and had stunted mental growth due to a traumatic incident. I can see how people would want to ship them together but personally I'm not a fan of this. They did have some neat interactions, I believe they shared a room a couple times. But they didn't have a ton of time to bond on camera so I didn’t really see the pull.

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