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Weekend at the Con

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Hello folks! For those that watch our social media (particularly Instagram) we posted some pictures while we were vendors at the Harrisburg Comic and Pop Con. We were vendors back in 2019, which was the first time ever for me to vend (Kyleen McHenry) at a convention hall. I sold things at smaller sites (events, fundraisers, and so on), but this was the first time at a convention.

I grew up going to the Phoenix Comic Con (now known as Phoenix Fan Fushion from sources I know), and loved going. I never imaged being able to sell our products at one myself. With the help of my wonderful daughter, Teah, we have been going every year they have it, and will continue to do so as the years go on. It did not happen last year due to Covid, but hopefully will again in 2022.

Below are some pictures taken at the convention, as well as links to those whose socials we know of, please enjoy and hope to see you all in the 2022 convention. We plan to add artwork, more all natural products from Summer Hill Botanical, and the rest of Marie Daley's novels and audiobooks.

All tags are posted on my personal Instagram.

We also announced information on a Instagram live video about The Amalia Chronicles. Video is linked in the thumbnail.

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