The 2nd edition printing of Kyleen McHenry's novel, Blackbirds: Life of a Thief, The Deities Saga Book 1. Expected release date is November 2021. More info added as it is made available.



Abandoned by his parents and taken in by Sean Willock, owner of the Gods Tavern in Stone Creek, Lonan was taught three things over the years: To steal, to fight, and to survive.


One day, it is revealed he is the son of The Morrigan, goddess of war and prophecy. Lonan stands on the edge of a never-ending battle between forces he does not understand.  Will he embrace his destiny and start his path to becoming a true demi-god? Or will he turn his back and leave his home defenseless?



E-book - 5.00

Paperback - 10.00

Hardcover - 15.00

Audiobook [digital] - 20.00

Paperback Bundle [e-book, paperback, & audiobook] - 30.00

Hardcover Bundle [e-book, hardcover, & audiobook] - 35.00



Want a copy with exclusive extras?  Consider a reward tier in the Kickstarter campaign.  It is running from March 2nd, 2021 at 12pm eastern until April 2nd, 2021 at 12pm eastern.

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Blackbirds: Life of a Thief (The Deities Saga, Book 1)

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